100+ Best Pop Punk Bands of 2000s - Complete List (2024)

If you grew up in the early 2000s, there’s a good chance that you were obsessed with pop punk.This genre was everywhere, with bands like Blink-182 and Green Day dominating the airwaves.

Top 10 Best K-Pop Groups of All Time

Top 10 Best K-Pop Groups of All Time

And while those two bands are still undoubtedly the biggest names in pop-punk, there were plenty of other great bands making music in the early 2000s.

In fact, the early 2000s was a golden age for pop-punk, with dozens of great bands releasing catchy, hook-filled tunes.

So if you’re looking for a trip down memory lane, or just want to check out some great pop-punk bands, here are 100+ of the best from the early 2000s.

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Top Best Pop Punk Bands of the 2000s

Early, Mid, Late 2000s Pop Punk bands

Early 2000s Pop Punk Bands

Mid 2000s Pop Punk Bands

Late 2000s Pop Punk Bands

British Pop Punk Bands of the 2000s

Pop Punk Rock Bands of the 2000s

Australian Pop Punk Bands 2000s

Female Fronted Pop Punk Bands 2000s

Forgotten Pop Punk bands of the 2000s

Pop Punk Screamo Bands 2000s

Modern Pop Punk Bands 2000s

San Dieago Pop Punk Bands 2000s

Japanese Pop Punk Bands 2000s

Christian Pop Punk Bands 2000s

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the most popular pop-punk band of the 2000s?

What classifies as Pop Punk?

Is Pop Punk Emo?

Is Pop-Punk dead?

What are the best Pop Punk songs of all time?

Is Pop-Punk coming back in 2021?


Top Best Pop Punk Bands of the 2000s

The 2000s being a pivotal time for pop-punk, many artists and bands emerged and made their names during the decade.

For a while, it seemed like every other week a new band was being hyped up as the next big thing. While not all of them lived up to the hype, there were plenty of great bands that did.

Here are the top 10 best pop-punk bands of the 2000s that not only ruled the genre but also helped shape it into what it is today.

  • Blink-182
  • Fall Out Boy
  • Green Day
  • Simple Plan
  • Good Charlotte
  • My Chemical Romance
  • Yellowcard
  • Sum 41
  • New Found Glory
  • Paramore

Early, Mid, Late 2000s Pop Punk bands

The early 2000s were a golden era for pop-punk bands. From Blink 182 to Green Day, there was no shortage of catchy hooks and angsty lyrics. But as the decade wore on, the sound of pop punk began to change.

Mid-2000s bands like Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance introduced a more polished, arena-ready sound, while late-2000s groups like All Time Low and Paramore leaned into a more pop-influenced sound.

However, one thing remained constant: the DIY ethic of early pop-punk bands.

Doesn’t matter if they were selling out stadiums or playing tiny clubs, these bands always kept their roots in the underground scene. And while the sound of pop-punk has evolved over the years, that DIY spirit is still alive and well in the genre today.

Early 2000s Pop Punk Bands

  • Say Anything
  • Taking Back Sunday
  • The All-American Rejects
  • Saves the Day
  • Beat Union
  • Busted
  • The Copyrights

Mid 2000s Pop Punk Bands

  • +44 (supergroup)
  • Paramore
  • Panic! At The Disco
  • Mayday Parade
  • The Academy Is…

Late 2000s Pop Punk Bands

  • Driving East
  • Eat Me Raw
  • Go Radio
  • I Call Fives
  • Kids Can’t Fly
  • Light Years

British Pop Punk Bands of the 2000s

Ever since Blink-182 and Green Day catapulted pop-punk into the mainstream in the mid-’90s, the genre has been dominated by American bands.

But thanks to the internet, pop-punk soon spread across the pond to the UK, where a new generation of bands was ready to take the genre by storm.

These bands brought a distinctly British take on pop punk, infusing the genre with a healthy dose of humor and cheekiness.

And while the UK scene has evolved quite a bit since then, there are still plenty of great British pop-punk bands making music today.

  • As It Is
  • Gnarwolves
  • Helen Love
  • Kids in Glass Houses
  • Neck Deep
  • Paige
  • Riskee and the Ridicule
  • Trash Boat
  • Trucks
  • Boston Manor

Pop Punk Emo Bands of the 2000s

Pop-punk and emo have always been close cousins. Both genres deal with similar themes of adolescent angst and loneliness, and both feature plenty of catchy hooks and melodies.

But while pop-punk bands have always been more focused on catchy hooks, emo bands have tended to lean into a more introspective sound.

That changed in the early 2000s when a new wave of bands began to emerge that combined the catchiness of pop-punk with the introspection of emo. These bands helped shape the sound of emo for years to come and introduced a new generation of fans to the genre.

  • The Used
  • Jimmy Eat World
  • Brand New
  • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
  • The Ataris
  • The Get Up Kids
  • The Starting Line
  • Motion City Soundtrack
  • Hawthorne Heights
  • Bayside

Pop Punk Rock Bands of the 2000s

In the 2000s, there was a surge in popularity for bands that blended the catchy melodies of pop-punk with the distorted guitars and heavier sound of rock.

As a result, they found a wider audience than either genre had previously enjoyed.

While these bands all had different styles, they shared a common energy and exuberance that was incredibly infectious. In addition, they proved that pop-punk and rock could coexist harmoniously.

  • The Offspring
  • A Day to Remember
  • Zebrahead
  • Alkaline Trio
  • Modern Baseball
  • Boys Like Girls
  • Forever the Sickest Kids
  • Four Year Strong
  • Mest
  • Fenix TX

Australian Pop Punk Bands 2000s

Australia has a long history of producing great pop-punk bands, dating all the way back to the early-’90s with groups like Bodyjar and Frenzal Rhomb.

But in the 2000s, the Australian pop-punk scene exploded, producing a new wave of bands that took the world by storm. These bands brought a unique Australian flavor to the genre, infusing their music with a sense of fun and adventure.

Despite being thousands of miles from the rest of the world, these bands managed to make a big impact on the global pop-punk scene. And they continue to influence the sound of the genre to this day.

  • Yours Truly
  • With Confidence
  • Spazzys
  • Kryptonics
  • The Living End
  • The Veronicas
  • Violent Soho
  • 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Tonight Alive
  • Slowly Slowly

Female Fronted Pop Punk Bands 2000s

The early 2000s were a golden age for female-fronted pop-punk bands. These bands brought a much-needed level of diversity to the genre and helped pave the way for future generations of female musicians.

In addition, they proved that pop-punk was not just a boys’ club and that women could be just as successful in the genre.

Some of these bands achieved mainstream success, while others were content to stay underground. But regardless of their level of success, they all helped shape the sound of pop punk in the 2000s.

  • Paramore
  • We Are the In Crowd
  • Tonight Alive
  • Stand Atlantic
  • The Donnas
  • The Distillers
  • Against The Current
  • Icon For Hire
  • Doll Skin
  • Yours Truly

Forgotten Pop Punk bands of the 2000s

Even during a decade as great as the 2000s, some bands fell through the cracks. But that doesn’t mean they weren’t great. In fact, many of these bands went on to achieve cult status among diehard pop-punk fans.

Moreover, these bands helped keep the pop-punk scene alive during some of its darkest hours. So even though they may have been forgotten by the mainstream, they will always be remembered by those who love pop-punk.

Here are just a few of the most forgotten pop-punk bands of the 2000s.

  • Sing It Loud
  • Forever The Sickest Kids
  • Son Of Dork
  • Jettingham
  • Hey Monday
  • Valencia
  • Go: Audio
  • Save Your Breath
  • Hit The Lights
  • Allister

Pop Punk Screamo Bands 2000s

Pop-punk and screamo is a musical fusion that emerged in the late 1990s. This hybrid genre combined the catchy hooks and melodies of pop-punk with the aggressive vocals and heavier sound of screamo.

As a result, it found a devoted following among fans of both genres. This fusion experienced a surge in popularity in the early 2000s, with a new wave of bands emerging that took the sound to new heights.

While the mainstream largely ignored this subgenre, it enjoyed a devoted following among diehard fans. And to this day, it continues to influence the sound of both pop-punk and screamo.

  • Chiodos
  • Boys Night Out
  • Pierce The Veil
  • Sleeping With Sirens
  • Bring Me the Horizon
  • Silverstein
  • Aiden
  • Emery
  • Finch
  • The Fall of Troy

Modern Pop Punk Bands 2000s

Pop-punk has evolved significantly since its inception in the mid-’90s.

While the early 2000s were dominated by bands that sounded like they were straight out of the ’90s, the latter half of the decade saw a new wave of bands that brought a fresh sound to the genre.

These bands blended pop-punk with other genres, resulting in a sound that was both familiar and new. As a result, they found success with both long-time fans of the genre and newcomers alike.

And they continue to shape the sound of pop-punk to this day. Here are some of the best modern pop-punk bands of the 2000s.

  • The Menzingers
  • Meet Me at the Altar
  • Neck Deep
  • State Champs
  • The Hotelier
  • Pinkshift
  • Magnolia Park
  • Hot Milk
  • Action/Adventure
  • Yours Truly

San Dieago Pop Punk Bands 2000s

San Diego is the birthplace of pop-punk. It’s also the home of some of the best pop-punk bands in the history of music.

Pop-Punk legends like Blink-182, Green Day, and Sum 41 got their start in San Diego. And they went on to achieve global success.

In addition, San Diego is home to a vibrant and thriving pop-punk scene. To this day, there are dozens of great pop-punk bands emerging from the city.

Here are just a few of the bests of the 2000s.

  • Blink-182
  • Box Car Racer
  • Angels and Airwaves
  • Rocket from the Crypt
  • Wavves
  • Pierce The Veil
  • My American Heart
  • Denver Harbor
  • Unwritten Law
  • Allstar Weekend

Japanese Pop Punk Bands 2000s

You don’t have to look back very far to find a time when Japanese pop-punk was on the rise. In fact, the early 2000s were a golden age for the genre.

During this time, a new wave of bands emerged that took the sound of pop-punk and inflected it with a distinctly Japanese flavor.

As a result, these bands found a devoted following among Japanese youth. And to this day, they continue to be hugely popular in their home country.

While some of them never quite caught on in the West, these bands remain some of the most popular pop-punk bands in Japan.

  • Hi-Standard
  • Asian Kung-Fu Generation
  • Beat Crusaders
  • Sug
  • Charlotte
  • LM.C
  • Maximum the Hormone
  • Flow
  • Straightener

Christian Pop Punk Bands 2000s

As we have gone through the internet, we saw people love Christian pop-punk music, regardless of what religion they are from.

Therefore, we decided to dedicate a section to the best Christian pop-punk bands of the early 2000s.

We know that these bands were not as mainstream as some of the other bands on our list. But they still managed to make a huge impact on the pop-punk scene.

And they continue to influence the sound of Christian pop-punk to this day.

  • Relient K
  • Slick Shoes
  • FM Static
  • Stellar Kart
  • Hawk Nelson
  • The O.C. Supertones
  • Squad Five-O
  • Eleventyseven
  • The Huntingtons
  • Superchick

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the most popular pop-punk band of the 2000s?

To give you a simple answer there were many but if we had to choose one it would be Green Day. They released 3 studio albums in the early 2000s which were all received very well by fans and critics alike. Other popular pop-punk bands of the 2000s include Blink-182, Sum 41, and Fall Out Boy.

What classifies as Pop Punk?

There is no one answer to this question as the genre has evolved significantly over the years. However, pop punk is generally defined as a fusion of punk rock and pop music. It is typically characterized by its fast tempo, catchy hooks, and distorted guitars. Emerged in the early-’80s, pop-punk enjoyed a surge in popularity in the early 2000s. Today, it continues to be a hugely popular genre with both longtime fans and newcomers alike.

Is Pop Punk Emo?

While pop-punk and emo are both forms of rock music, they are not the same thing. Emo is a subgenre of punk that is characterized by its emotive lyrics and melodic guitars. Pop punk, on the other hand, is a fusion of punk and pop that is defined by its catchy hooks and fast tempo. While the two genres share some similarities, they are ultimately quite distinct from one another.

Is Pop-Punk dead?

It is actually a funny question that we get a lot. While the genre has undergone something of a resurgence in recent years, it is still very much alive and well. In fact, there are plenty of great pop-punk bands emerging from all corners of the globe. So rest assured, pop punk is very much alive and kicking.

What are the best Pop Punk songs of all time?

This is a difficult question to answer as there are so many great pop-punk songs out there. However, some of our favorites include “All the Small Things” by Blink-182, “Long View” by Green Day, and “My Friends Over You” byNew Found Glory.

Is Pop-Punk coming back in 2021?

To give you a simple answer, it was always there and it never left. While the genre has seen something of a resurgence in recent years, it is still very much alive and well.


So, there you have it folks, 100+ best pop-punk bands of 2000s. We hope you enjoyed our list and found some new bands to check out.

If you found this post helpful full then don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Until next time, keep rockin’!

100+ Best Pop Punk Bands of 2000s - Complete List (2024)


What are the top 10 punk bands? ›

10 Best Punk Bands of All Time
  • Ramones.
  • Sex Pistols. ...
  • The Stooges. ...
  • Bad Brains. ...
  • Misfits. ...
  • Bikini Kill. ...
  • Minor Threat. Without Minor Threat, it's possible hardcore would never have happened. ...
  • The Replacements. The Replacements were the college rock answer to the punk movement. ...
Apr 15, 2023

Who was the 1st pop-punk band? ›

After years of debate, I think it's time we truly acknowledge who started pop punk: The Ramones. The Ramones were founded in 1974 in New York City, by friends Johnny Ramone, Tommy Ramone, Joey Ramone, and Dee Dee Ramone.

What is 2000s punk called? ›

Pop-punk - Wikipedia.

Who is the king of punk? ›

In his marijuana-marinated mind, New York street singer David Peel was simply claiming his rightful title when he declared himself King Of Punk in 1978's song and album of the same name.

Who were the big three of punk? ›

Rushmore of punk and what I think the building blocks of punk are the classic big 3. Ramones, The Clash, and Sex Pistols. All three of them were highly influential sound wise, they all gave punk the look and attitude even though they were different from each other.

Who is the father of pop punk? ›

— better known by his stage persona, Iggy Pop — has earned a reputation as “the Godfather of Punk.” This is thanks mostly to his tenure as the frontman of the proto-punk band the Stooges, but also because his reckless, sui generis stage presence embodied a gleeful but slightly scary abandon that became synonymous with ...

Who really invented punk rock? ›

Punk's sonic foundations were laid down in New York City by the same people who established the beginnings of punk style: artists like Lou Reed, the Ramones, Suicide, and the New York Dolls who wanted to strip away the bloat rock had accumulated in the psychedelic era and return it to something purer.

Who was the first punk rock girl? ›

The Godmother of Punk

As we kick off this celebration of influential women in punk rock history, I can think of no better place to start than with Patti Smith. Smith released her debut album, Horses, in 1975.

What are dirty punks called? ›

Article Talk. A gutter punk is a homeless or transient individual who displays a variety of specific lifestyle traits and characteristics that often, but not always, are associated with the punk subculture. Attributes may include unkempt dreadlocks, nose rings, Mohawk hairstyles, and tattooed faces.

Who is the queen of pop-punk? ›

Lovingly referred to as the princess of pop-punk, Avril Lavigne's music defined the rock-out, teenage angst jams of a generation. In 2002, her first record, Let Go, gave us anthems like “Sk8er Boi,” “Girlfriend,” and “Complicated,” influenced by other giants of the genre like Green Day and Blink-182.

Was punk popular in the 2000s? ›

As the name suggests, pop punk has its roots in punk rock. The genre, which took punk's aggressive sound and dressed it up in pop melodies, rose to prominence in the 1990s and then exploded to the masses in the 2000s.

Who is the richest punk? ›

10 Punks Who Are Richer Than You Think
  • Lars Frederiksen – $10 Million.
  • Tim Armstrong – $13 Million.
  • Davey Havok – $20 Million.
  • Ian Mackaye – $25 million.
  • Billie Joe Armstrong – $55 million.
  • Dexter Holland – $65 million.
  • 3, 2 &1: Blink 182.
  • Honorable Mention: Fat Mike ($$$$???)

Who is the greatest punk rocker of all time? ›

Joey Ramone was, and probably still is, the most recognizable icon of the punk genre in the United States. He was also perhaps the most beloved.

Who was the birth of punk? ›

Critics and fans consider CBGB in New York City as the birthplace of punk. It was a dingy club on Manhattan's Lower East Side where bands like Blondie, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Patti Smith, Talking Heads and The Ramones hit the stage.

Who is the mother of punk music? ›

Vivienne Westwood gave birth to punk, conquered high-fashion and built a global empire.

Who are the mothers of punk? ›

With no formal training in garment making, Vivienne Westwood began designing with her partner Malcolm McLaren. Vivienne Westwood created clothes for the Sex Pistols to match the same crude, blunt and rough charm of the punk band. If you wanted to stand out then you wore her designs.

What band invented punk? ›

Traditionally, there are three records that are cited as the “first” punk rock releases: the first Ramones album (April 1976), the “New Rose” 45 by the Damned (October '76), and the Saints debut album, (I'm) Stranded (September '76).

Who is the oldest punk rocker? ›

Buddy Holly: The first punk rocker.

What are the big 4 hard rock bands? ›

Inspired by the famous “Big 4” of thrash metal — Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax – we published our ultimate ranking of the top four acts in 17 other metal subgenres.

Who made punk famous? ›

Between 1974 and 1976, when the genre that became known as punk was developing, prominent acts included Television, Patti Smith, and the Ramones in New York City; the Saints in Brisbane; and the Sex Pistols, the Clash, and the Damned in London, and the Buzzco*cks in Manchester.

Who started punk goes pop? ›

Punk Goes Pop is the second album in the Punk Goes... series and the first installment in the long running Punk Goes Pop series created by Fearless Records. It contains a collection of songs by various artists performing covers of pop songs. It was released on April 2, 2002.

Who is the world's most punk rock mom? ›

Sharon Needles. World's most punk rock mom.

What does punk mean in slang? ›

Slang. something or someone worthless or unimportant. a young ruffian; hoodlum. an inexperienced youth.

Was the first punk band black? ›

Pure Hell. Formed in 1974 in Philadelphia by Kenny "Stinker" Gordon with Michael Gordon, the band is hailed as the first African-American punk band.

Why is punk called punk? ›

In the late 1500s, the word punk referred to a prostitute. It evolved over the centuries to become a synonym for "hoodlum" or "ruffian," which is one reason why the Sex Pistols and other influential bands adopted it in the mid '70s.

Who was the first black woman of punk rock? ›

Tina Bell

What was the first punk single? ›

“New Rose” was released by Stiff Records on October 22, 1976 – the first true single by a UK Punk Band.

What old punk band had a female singer? ›

Though women co-pioneered the genre, forming the indelible face and sound of the underground singing for the likes of the Bags, the Avengers, X-Ray Spex, Blondie, and Siouxsie and the Banshees, majority-female bands have often slipped beneath the radar of many critics, pollsters, and everyday fans.

What did the punks hate? ›

Punks advocated aggression and acts of violent anarchism to enact change, eschewing any sort of dialogue with the establishment, constantly looking to tear it down. Punks hated the laid-back attitudes of the hippies who they felt would just sit around talking and getting high rather than get out there and act.

What are punks that don't do drugs? ›

Straight edge (sometimes abbreviated sXe or signified by XXX or X) is a subculture of hardcore punk whose adherents refrain from using alcohol, tobacco, and recreational drugs, in reaction to the excesses of punk subculture.

Why do punks wear black? ›

Their outfits may look simple, but they look courageous. Passed the standards and trademarks, many rock and metal bands wear black to rebel against society. The earliest example of said rebelling is during the '50s rock-n-roll era.

Who is the Prince of pop? ›

Canadian singer Justin Bieber is referred to as the "Prince of Pop". South Korean singer BoA is referred to as the "Queen of K-pop". American musician James Brown was known as the "Godfather of Soul".

Is Bon Jovi pop-punk? ›

Bon Jovi's musical style has generally been characterized as glam metal, hard rock, arena rock pop rock, and heavy metal. The band's first two albums blended glam metal and hard rock.

Who is the ultimate queen of pop? ›

She's had so many hits! Madonna's reign as the Queen of Pop has been undisputed since she burst onto the scene in the 1980s.

What era is punk? ›

punk, also called punk rock, aggressive form of rock music that coalesced into an international (though predominantly Anglo-American) movement in 1975–80.

When did punk decline? ›

While it is thought that the style of punk from the 1970s had a decline in the 1980s, many subgenres branched off playing their own interpretation of punk rock. Anarcho-punk become a style in its own right.

When did punk stop being popular? ›

American-punk culture didn't like giving newcomers a chance to experience the thrill of a punk-rock show. This unwelcoming atmosphere contributed to the demise of punk in the early 2000s. It was the time when punk record labels stopped looking to only sign punk bands. The reality is punk was not profitable.

What are the silly punk bands? ›

Punk rock and pop punk has made its contribution to the comedy rock ranks, with such bands as the Aquabats, Blink-182, Bowling for Soup, Patent Pending, Dead Kennedys, the Dead Milkmen, the Meatmen, the Radioactive Chicken Heads and the Vandals.

Who are the fathers of punk? ›

Godfather of Punk can refer to:
  • Captain Beefheart (1941-2010)
  • Iggy Pop (born 1947), of The Stooges.
  • Joey Ramone (1951-2001), of The Ramones.
  • Lou Reed (1942-2013), of The Velvet Underground.
  • Pete Townshend (born 1945), of The Who.
  • John Lydon (born 1956) of The Sex Pistols and Public Image Limited (PIL)

What pop-punk band has a black singer? ›

However, when Magnolia Park was formed, it was a whole new step for non-white artists in the pop-punk genre. The band did not just stand out by having a Black lead vocalist. Their other members include guitarists Tristan Torres and Freddie Criales, bassist Jared Kay and drummer Joe Horsham — all musicians of color.

Who is the best punk rapper? ›

Punk Rap Artists
  • ODMGDIA. 9,231 listeners. ...
  • DIRTYBUTT. 4,335 listeners. ...
  • Nasty Noona. 4,009 listeners. ...
  • Crizin da Z.O. 1,458 listeners. ...
  • Fin the Chaef. 468 listeners. ...
  • J. Cast. ...
  • Chris Zelek. 114 listeners. ...
  • Oli Outside. 2,263 listeners.

What's more punk rock than living? ›

So now we're here and we are not dead, and Mom, what's more punk rock than living despite all that which has tried to make you not?

Who is the best pop-punk guitarist? ›

Billie Joe Armstrong is one of the most iconic guitarists in the pop punk game, with Green Day ruling the genre before it even existed.

Who was the biggest punk rock band? ›

Rivaling the Ramones as the most iconic punk band in history, the Clash was a British punk band that drew inspiration from ska, reggae, funk music, and rock and roll. Comprised of Mick Jones, Joe Strummer, Paul, Simonon, and Nicky Headon, the Clash began its long and successful music journey in London in 1976.

Who were the best punk rock bands? ›

The 25 Greatest Punk Bands Of All Time
  • Misfits.
  • The Damned.
  • Bad Religion.
  • Ramones.
  • MC5.
  • Sex Pistols.
  • Iggy and the Stooges.
  • The Clash.
Feb 10, 2023

Who is the father of punk music? ›

— better known by his stage persona, Iggy Pop — has earned a reputation as “the Godfather of Punk.” This is thanks mostly to his tenure as the frontman of the proto-punk band the Stooges, but also because his reckless, sui generis stage presence embodied a gleeful but slightly scary abandon that became synonymous with ...

What year was punk most popular? ›

Read a brief summary of this topic

punk, also called punk rock, aggressive form of rock music that coalesced into an international (though predominantly Anglo-American) movement in 1975–80.

Who is the queen of punk rock? ›

Vivienne Westwood, the Queen of Punk, the red-haired maverick of British fashion who was always herself, never that of anybody else. A nonconformist, an activist, an individualist. A woman of true punk spirit.

What is the golden age of punk rock? ›

Between 1976 and 1978, concurrently in the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and across many European countries including France, scores of musical groups were suddenly being referred to in the press or self-defining themselves as “punk.” These three years constituted a short-lived but seminal period, after ...

Who is the king of rock? ›

Elvis Presley is, quite simply, the King of Rock & Roll. In 1954, the performer kicked off a musical revolution by modernizing traditional genres such as blues, country and bluegrass for contemporary (and more youthful) audiences.

Who was the most extreme punk rocker? ›

Known for both eating his own feces and mutilating himself on stage, GG Allin was perhaps the most shocking musician in history — until his dramatic death at just 36 in 1993. Many words have been used to describe GG Allin.

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