F Connector | Coaxial Cable F Connectors (2024)

Looking for high quality F connectors to terminate all your coaxial cables? At Cabling Plus we offer a huge selection of F connectors in both compression and crimp styles that will support any coaxial cable installation. We offer the F connectors that will fit on any RG6, RG6 Quad Shield, RG59, and RG11 coaxial cables. We even offer those hard to find F connectors for plenum rated coaxial cables! No matter the application you have we have the F connector you need to get the job done right!

F Connectors are the best for terminating your RG6 coaxial cables!

An F connector may be the most popular coaxial cable connector type on the market. This is the connector that is used to terminate common coaxial cable types that are used to inter-connect antennas and cable set-top boxes to TVs and other video equipment. F connectors are very common in any video signal applications. If you were to look behind your TV at the cable coming from the wall into your TV you will most likely see an F connector. The F connector allows you to attach the coaxial cable to your TV or cable TV box. The use of an F connector allows you to take a raw cable and put a connector on it to create a socket that is used to connect video devices together, or connect your video devices to the incoming video signal provided by your TV service provider.

The key to success when terminating coaxial cables with F connectors is that you need to make sure you have the right connector! There are many types of coaxial cables out there so choosing the right F connector could be a little confusing. Most commonly the type of coaxial cable you are using should be documented right on the jacket of the cable. So identify the cable type you are using and buy the F connectors that are designed to terminate on that particular cable. Although the most common coaxial cables for TV installations are RG6 and RG6 Quad Shield, you still want to make sure you identify the cable you are using correctly and choose the right cable for that cable type. If you are using any type of RG6 coaxial cable we recommend the ICM FS6U which is the best selling F connector available on the market. The FS6U is a universal compression F connector that allows you to terminate both standard RG6 and RG6 Quad Shield coaxial cable with the same high quality compression connector. The FS6U is the F connector mostly used by professional installers all across the country. No other F connector takes the guessing game out of your installation and ensures a high performance termination.

At Cabling Plus we have all the F connectors you need to support any professional coaxial cable terminations. We offer F connectors in crimp and compression styles that will fit on any RG6, RG6 Quad Shield, RG59, and RG11 coaxial cable types. We also have the plenum rated F connectors that fit any plenum coaxial cable types. No other online source has all the tools and connectors you need to get the job done right! If you are confused about which F connector you need for your installation call Cabling Plus today and let us assist you. We have the professionals on staff that will ensure your project is a complete success!

Frequently Asked Questions About F Connectors - FAQ’s

What kind of cables are F connectors designed for?

An F connector is most commonly seen and used with RG6 coaxial cable. RG6 coaxial cable is the cable you see everyday coming out of the wall and attaching to your TV or cable box. Depending on your application and the type of coaxial cable you are using there are F connectors available for all coax cable types. Some of the of the most popular coaxial cables that use F connectors today include RG6, RG6 Quad Shield, RG59, and RG11 types.

How does an F connector work?

The F connector is a very simple connector type. Once it is terminated or attached to the cable it simply screws onto the F type post located on your video device or components. The F connector has a threaded internal sleeve that allows you to screw it tightly onto your components. If you have ever had to move a TV and unplug it from the wall, then you know how strong of a connection an F connector can make.

What do I need to install an F connector on my own?

You will need a coaxial cable stripper, crimp tool, and some F connectors. This is all you need to successfully terminate all your own F connectors.

Should I use compression or crimp connectors?

This is always one of the most popular questions when it comes to all connector types. The truth is that both compression and crimp F connectors will do the job just fine. But there is no doubt that the compression F connector is a better, stronger, and longer lasting connector type. But using compression connectors also comes with a price. The crimp tools and crimp connectors are about ½ the price as the compression types. So if you are just looking for an inexpensive way to install a couple of F connectors on your own then you may choose to go the crimp style direction. If installing connectors is something you will be doing often, or if you are a professional installer, than investing in a good compression tool and cable stripper will be something you really want to do. Compression F connectors provide the best protection of your connections, better performance, and they are much longer lasting.

How long will an F connector last?

It could last forever depending on its use. Once installed and left alone there should be no reason that a properly installed F connector should ever fail or go bad. But if it is constantly handled, moved, or pulled on, it can eventually come loose from the cable which would obviously cause the connection to fail.

What brands of F connectors do you recommend?

We offer some of the top rated compression and crimp F connectors on the market. We only offer F connectors that are manufactured by leading manufacturers in the connector industry. All of our F connector products will be easy to terminate, provide the best performance, and ensure your installations are the most successful. Our most popular compression F connector is the FS6U connector. This is the number #1 selling F connector on the market.

F Connector | Coaxial Cable F Connectors (2024)


What are the different types of F connectors? ›

Know About Different Types of F Connectors

These are available in three types – twist-on, crimp-on, and compression connectors. Crimp-on Connectors: These connectors are rarely used today. Crimp-on F connectors apply pressure on the connector and are thus used as a special tool.

What size is the F connector? ›

Connector TypeF Connector
Dimensions8.625" x 1.3" x 1.3" (21.9 cm x 3.3 cm x 3.3 cm)
Shaft Length8" (20.32 cm)
Assembled Length8.625" (21.91 cm)
Shaft MaterialChrome Vanadium Steel
2 more rows

What size is the F-type connector? ›

The F connector is also knowsn as Threaded Connector. There are two main types: 7 mm (6.8mm) is the most common and most used in coaxial cables, and connector 5mm that it is used in a thin coaxial cable typically used in satellite systems.

What are the 3 types of connectors? ›

Electrical connectors are classified into three types based on their termination ends: board-to-board connectors, cable/wire-to-cable/wire connectors, and cable/wire-to-board connectors.

Are all F connectors the same size? ›

Yes, the two common sizes are for WF65 coax (used by Sky in shotgun (twin) configuration) and 100 grade coax (WF100/PF100). Sounds like you have 100 grade coax and f connectors for 65 grade cable. There are three very common sizes in use - those for WF65/RG6, those for WC100 and those for WF100.

What is the difference between coaxial and F connectors? ›

Co Axial plugs are more convenient (as they are quicker to connect) but an F connector gives a more robust and positive connection, this is particularly important in the case of connections which require power pass.

What tool do you use to attach an F connector to a cable? ›

Use the crimp tool to fasten the connector on to the cable.

Are SMA and F connectors the same? ›

SMA connectors must not be confused with the standard household 75-ohm type F coax connector (diameters: male 7⁄16 inch (11 mm) circular or hex; female 3⁄8 inch (9.5 mm) external threads), as there is only about a 2 mm difference overall in the specifications.

What are the three different types of connectors used with coax cable? ›

There are three different types of coaxial cable connectors and they are the F-Series, the N-Series and the BNC coaxial connectors. When choosing your coaxial cable connectors make sure to also take into account the width of the coax cabling that you will be using so that they fit!

Do you remove foil on RG6 cable? ›

Removal of the outer foil layer and folding down the inner braiding layer makes it easier to push connectors on to RG6 Quad coax without compromising the quality and integrity of the cable or connector.

How do you fit a Type F connector? ›

Remove the foam insulation and make sure there is no braiding touching the inner core. Twist the two tails of braiding down the cable. Again making sure there is no braiding touching the inner core. Firmly screw on your F-Type connector, you can use pliers at this point if it is easier.

What is an F adapter? ›

The Type F plug and outlet is much like the Type E, except it has two earth clips on the side rather than a female earth contact. It is commonly known as a “Schuko” plug, from the invented German word “Schukostecker” which means “protective contact plug.

What is the difference between BNC and F connectors? ›

F-Type - The standard “cable” connector most commonly used for cable TV or internet connections. BNC - Defined as Bayonet Neil-Concelman describes its connection style as a bayonet style designed for quick twist-on connections.

What is the difference between crimp and compression F connector? ›

On a crimp connector, the outer shield of the cable crimps or squeezes onto the body of the connector. The center conductor either crimps or solders to the center pin of the connector. In a compression connector, the outer shield of the cable is compressed against the body of the cable with a threaded nut.

What is an F type crimp? ›

F-Crimp is a type of solderless electrical crimp connection. It is not related to the F connector common in RF equipment. It is sometimes referred to as open-barrel, which is technically a more general term including crimp types such as Weather Pack and Metri Pack.

What is the difference between F and SMA connectors? ›

Frequency Range: SMA connectors are commonly used in high-frequency applications and have a broader frequency range compared to F connectors. SMA connectors can handle frequencies up to 18 GHz, making them suitable for various applications including telecommunications, aerospace, and military.

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