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    Before there was FIFA, there was EA Sports™ FIFA. A quarter century after the first FIFA was released, EA SPORTS™ FIFA is the world’s leading videogame franchise, with over 100 million players. EA SPORTS FIFA continues to set the bar in sports video games today, proving itself the essential soundtrack for any football fan.

    For three decades, the face of EA SPORTS has been FIFA. And FIFA continues to set the standard for sports game play, boasting the most authentic football gameplay.

    Played by people the world over, EA SPORTS FIFA is the #1 football game of all time, and the best football videogame of all time. FIFA for the PlayStation®4 is powered by a new, next-gen engine built for the world’s most advanced platforms. FIFA for Xbox One and PC is coming soon.

    FIFA is the audio soundtrack for millions of fans worldwide. Now featuring the most realistic representation of the sport, FIFA is the soundtrack to the celebration of football.

    For the first time ever, FIFA for Xbox One and PC is powered by Frostbite™. This revolutionary new engine allows for stunning visuals that deliver true-to-life performance on all platforms, including:

    Eye-popping player models and improved player animation

    Realistic lighting effects and ambient occlusion

    Real-time reflection of the ball and player

    Frostbite introduces dynamic match conditions, improved ball physics, and more. It is the most robust next-generation technology for creating realism and gameplay.

    (Video) Night

    FIFA for Xbox One and PC features Frostbite, and delivers a visual experience on par with console games running on the latest hardware, with full compatibility and feature parity.

    FIFA for Xbox One and PC is powered by EA SPORTS Play4Win™, the all-new online service that gives players the opportunity to earn achievements and boost their online FIFA account using playstyle-based challenges.

    FIFA Play4Win has been designed for football fanatics who are looking to prove their mastery of their favorite team.

    Delivering brand new ways to compete and achievements, Play4Win features:

    Community challenges


    Boosting and trading players

    Earn in-game coins

    FIFA for Xbox One and PC features a new Season Journey, new Career Matches, an all-new Connected Career, and a deeper league system.

    Throughout the Season Journey, you’ll continue

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    This versatile mode lets you build the ultimate team, and enjoy playing an authentic football experience in a fun and social way. Join the community by creating your own team and playing online matches against thousands of other FUT players. With over 500 players to collect, this is the only way to enjoy the immense gameplay possibilities of FIFA.

    Updates to Commentary
    Get to know Ewood Park with a new commentary featuring veteran commentator Barry Davies, with match-by-match analysis from Gary Neville, Jonathan Hill, John Crace and a host of other pro voices.

    Social Features
    Enjoy the social features of FIFA 22 on Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch with your friends, share your highlight moments and join in the fun. Create your own Pro team with the latest roster updates, receive FUT team news and the latest offers direct to your newsfeed.

    You can now race for your favourite team and sponsor by using virtual currency (virtual currency or VC) that can be earned through gameplay or purchased using real world money. Be the first to prove your colours!

    Includes a brand-new matchday system that offers the most advanced matchday experience to date. Now your squad can be informed of any changes to their opponents and your match-day routine has been significantly enhanced.

    X-Factor Moments
    Great moments become even greater with this new feature that makes playing better and more exciting. X-Factor Moments are brief, immersive and emotional mini-game challenges that can appear in all game modes.

    Quake Battles
    Quake Battles is a brand-new mode in FIFA 22 that’s designed to make every battle feel more meaningful and exciting. Every player can also participate in a battle with a friend, family member or rival online, or battle against A.I. opponents when in Solo Practice.

    In Solo Practice, you can challenge up to four A.I. opponents to battle against each other in fast-paced matches.

    Signature Skills
    In FIFA 22, you can use your FIFA Ultimate Team in multiplayer, where the best players in the game have skills you can unlock and use in all game modes. This allows you to customize the experience as you see fit – be it unlock-able signature skills or non-player characters that you can bring into the match.

    Final Thoughts
    In FIFA 22, you can enjoy all the modes you know and love from FIFA including Career Mode, Exhibition, Online Seasons, Ultimate Team and more. You can

    What’s new in Fifa 22:

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