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J Brand is a leader in denim and fashion founded in Los Angeles in 2005, guiding Los Angeles to be the denim capital it is today. J Brand values the elevated and self-expressive life, and doesn’t hesitate to direct both the jeans industry and modern lifestyle.

They designed the first true skinny jeans back when relaxed fit was most successful, and created many iconic looks in denim history that are today’s staples. They care about sustainability and partner up with numerous celebrities to promote sustainable collections. J Brand is a brand that greatly influences what’s mainstream.

You can find them online at www.jbrandjeans.com and on instagram at www.instagram.com/jbrandjeans

After reviewing J Brand’s reviews across all fits, they’ve scored a 4.88/5 for quality, while average fit tends to run slightly large. The average price for a pair of jeans is $165.85.
You can find their fit guide online at jbrandjeans.com/mens-size-guide.html

They are carried by Bloomingdales, Bloomingdales and Shopbop

Below, we take a look at the most popular & highest rated styles, along with interesting information, like when sales are coming up and more.

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  • Our Favorite J Brands Jeans

    And a little about what makes each special…

    Research / Frequent Questions

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    • Our Favorite J Brands Jeans

    • Do J Brand Jeans Fit True To Size?

    • Do J Brand Jeans Shrink?

    • Do J Brand Jeans Stretch Out?

    Do J Brand Jeans Fit True To Size?

    J brand jeans are luxury jeans retailing at over $100 per pair. Their wash, stretch, and fit were designed to sustain the obstacles of daily life and were meant to last multiple wears to get your moneys worth. Ever since J Brand’s launch in 2005, they have been working to make sure their jeans are of quality and are meant to fit true to size.

    J Brand jeans do eventually shrink but not in the way that they become too small for the owner. J Brand jeans shrink in the way that they will shrink to fit the body of the wearer for a more custom fit after every wear. Really sinking into the creases of the body.

    The denim of J Brand jeans will shrink naturally overtime therefore there aren’t really any special precautions to take to prevent shrinkage. However, washing inside out or reducing washes helps with retaining the color of your J brand denim. The denim of J Brand jeans generally have a natural shrinking and fading process over time

    All brands of jeans stretch out. The best you can really hope for when you buy a great pair of jeans is that you get a pair that have a material that helps the jeans retain their “memory.’ There are ways to help them get back in shape though.

  • shopping for skinny jeans
  • Should I size down in J Brand jeans?

    There is no need to size down in J Brand jeans.

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  • What Customers Are Saying About J Brand

    Of the 100 reviews we analyzed, 80 were positive, 10 were negative, and 10 were neutral. Below are a few snippets from the reviews.

    “I’m 5’1 110lbs, more curvy on my bottom and size 24 fits perfectly. I find these jeans pretty flattering for my body type. The top was just under my belly button and the bottom just covered my ankle. I do not find these too tight because the material is pretty stretchable.”

    About the Fit Sizing:True to Size / As Expected

    “Unfortunately working from home due to COVID for the last 9 months has impacted my waistline. I have gained about 12 pounds, so a lot of my clothes are not fitting. The good thing is I am wearing t-shirts and joggers most days, but I do need a few pairs of jeans! I have these exact jeans in my normal size 23, which of course are too small. Ordered a bigger size and they look and feel great. I needed the extra stretch. I highly recommend these jeans regardless of your size/weight. They are incredibly flattering, and the J Brand quality never fails!”

    About the Fit Sizing:True to Size / As Expected

    “I had to go down to a 24 since they are stretchy and the waist is not that tight. I’m 5’6 and 110. Super nice deep color. Material is soft too which is nice.”

    About the Fit Sizing:Larger than Expected

    “Size 32 was too small for my 12-14 sized butt and legs. The cropped length was also a tad long for my 5’5″ frame.”

    About the Fit Sizing:Smaller than Expected

    “These are the best pants ever.
    I bought two pairs in black and they are so flattering and comfortable.
    I would size down as they do stretch out .”

    About the Fit Sizing:Larger than Expected

    Popular Styles From J Brand

    The most popular styles…

    J Brand Kane Jeans

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    J Brand Maria Jean

    These jeans had a rating of 4.20 out of 5. You can buy a pair from Walmart – Racks Off Price for $31.60

    J Brand 910

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    J Brand Capri

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    J Brand Bette

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    J Brand 835

    Read our review of the J Brand 835

    J Brand Houlihan

    Read our review of the J Brand Houlihan

    J Brand Agnes

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    J Brand 901

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    J Brand Kassidy Jeans

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    J Brand Jeans Review [February 2024] - DenimBlog (2024)
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