Monster Hunter Frontier Setup Guide (2024)

PLEASE READ [ This guide is under construction ]

Monster Hunter Frontier was an MMO that ran from 2007 - 2019. Servers were shut down in 2019, rendering over a decade's worth of content inaccesible to the general public.
However, through the hard work, dedication, efforts, and numerous hours spent by the ErupeServer team, it is now possible to run a private server, allowing you to launch and play the game to a limited capacity. There are many in-game features, many still unknown, that may break or are simply inaccessible. However, the setup included in this guide contains necessary files for progressing into G-Rank.
The guide and downloadable files provided in this site are a compilation of everything needed to setup and run Monster Hunter Frontier playable on a Windows 10 computer. This guide is built upon Ricochhet's ErupeServer documentation available on GitHub Please refer to this for additional/detailed information.
We do NOT claim ownership or involvement in the creation of the ErupeServer source code. We do NOT take credit for any of the work done to bring this game back to life.
Our intention is to simplify the setup process in order for new players to try the game.
We do NOT condone the monetization or profiteering of any of the files, data, or materials provided in this site. Everyone should be able to enjoy this great game.
Please be respectful, have fun, and...
Happy Hunting!


Required File Downloads

Download and extract the following from

  • The latest commit version of the ErupeServer source repository prior to archiving. This comes with all available quest and scenario binaries prepackaged. NOTE: There are MANY quest binaries, so extracting this folder will take a WHILE (why not hunt a monster or two in the meantime?)
  • The game installation files. The majority of these files are sourced from provided by
  • installers (optional): This has a Windows10 subfolder containing Go, PostgreSQL, Python3.8 installers that were verified to work on Windows 10 at the time of writing this guide. You can also obtain these from the official sites
  • run_client.bat: A batch file for initiating the client. You MUST have Python3.8 installed (more on this below). You MUST run this shortcut as an administrator EVERYTIME you start the game: Right-Click > Run as Administrator
  • run_server.bat: A batch file for initiating the server. You MUST have Go installed (more on this below)

PostgreSQL Installation

Download and install the latest version of PostgreSQL for your operating system (the Windows 10 version used in this guide is included inside the installers > Windows10 folder)

Select the following required Components

  • PostgreSQL Server
  • pgAdmin 4
  • Command Line Tools

Monster Hunter Frontier Setup Guide (1)

Create a password for the database user (this guide uses the default username postgres and password admin)

Select a port for the database server to listen to (this guide uses the port 5433)

Finish the installation

Golang Installation

Download and install the latest version of Golang for your operating system (the Windows 10 version used in this guide is included inside the installers > Windows10 folder)

Install golang-migrate.

Open Powershell (Windows Key + R > “Powershell” > Enter) and follow the steps below to successfully install Scoop:

  • Run the following command to allow the execution of remote-signed code: Set-ExecutionPolicyRemoteSigned -scope CurrentUser
  • Run the following command to install scoop: iwr -useb | iex

Once Scoop has been installed, run the following command on a Powershell window to install golang-migrate:

  • scoop install migrate

Python 3.8 & Frida Installation

Download and install the latest version of Python3.8 for your operating system (the Windows 10 version used in this guide is included inside the installers > Windows10 folder)

IMPORTANT: Make sure you enable the option to Add Python 3.8 to PATH This is REQUIRED in order to run the py command via run_client.bat

Once Python 3.8 has been installed, open up a new command prompt and run the following command: pip install frida

Database Setup

Once PostgreSQL has been installed, open a new Command Prompt window (Windows key + R > “cmd” > Enter) and run the following command to connect to your local database server (postgres is the default user created during the installation):

psql -U postgres -h localhost -p 5433

Next, create the database erupe by entering the following command:


Create the database tables

Open the ErupeServer folder via the Command Prompt (navigate to the folder via the File Explorer and replace the folder path at the top with cmd and hit Enter)

Enter the following command to run a database migration (replace the word “password” with the database password you created during installation):

migrate -database postgres://postgres:password@localhost:5433/erupe?sslmode=disable -path migrations up

This will create the database tables needed to run the game.

Preparing config.json

If needed, edit the file config.json found inside ErupeServer You can use any text editor including Notepad to do this (Right-Click > Edit or Open With > Notepad)

Monster Hunter Frontier Setup Guide (2)

Modify the username and password fields and change it to the database credentials you selected during PostgreSQL installation.

Monster Hunter Frontier Setup Guide (3)

You can modify additional settings here and even replace all instances of (localhost) with the External IPv4 Address of another hosted server (if playing with friends).

Running the Server

You can now run/double-click the file run_server.bat where you unpacked your downloads.

This will open up a new Command Prompt window and automatically run the command go run . from within the ErupeServer folder which will start the server (you can also monitor database activity as you are playing the game).

If everything was configured correctly, you should not have to do anything else.

Leave this window open while you play the game.Press CTRL + C to exit and shut down the server when you are done.

Preparing the Client

Edit your Windows HOSTS File

Open Notepad as administrator and navigate to your HOSTS file normally located under C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts Add the following to the bottom and save: cog-members.mhf-z.jp127.0.0.1 www.capcom-onlinegames.jp127.0.0.1

This will resolve your localhost IPv4 adddress to the several official CAPCOM domains, allowing the client to bypass CAPCOM’s servers and connect to your local or external server address (Replace if you are connecting to an external IPv4 address)

IMPORTANT Please be VERY careful not to modify anything else inside your System32 folder. This can damage your operating system.

Changing your SYSTEM LOCALE

To run the client and play the game, you MUST set your System Locale to Japan:

Open Control Panel (View by: Category) > Clock And Region > Region > Administrative > Change System Locale > Current system locale > Japanese (Japan)

Monster Hunter Frontier Setup Guide (4)

Monster Hunter Frontier Setup Guide (5)

Reboot your PC for changes to take effect.

Running the Client

Once the above has been configured, you must now right-click the file run_client.bat and run as administrator.

Monster Hunter Frontier Setup Guide (6)

This .bat (batch file) opens a Command Prompt window and runs the Client-Patcher script inside MHF-ZZ_Installed_Files which will bypass the GameGuard anti-cheat software originally included with the game.

To exit the client process, press Ctrl + C, type Y and hit Enter

If you get a Windows Security Alert that says “Windows Defender has blocked some features of this app” click “Allow Access”

Monster Hunter Frontier Setup Guide (7)

Wait several seconds as the Erupe Simple Launcher will now open in another window. Enter a Username or Password for your Monster Hunter Frontier profile. (Entering a new username and password will create a new profile)

Monster Hunter Frontier Setup Guide (8)

The Config button opens the game configuration menu which allows you to change several game settings including display options. Make sure to check on High Grade Edition to enable HD texture and lighting settings. The second tab contains Full Screen and Windowed display resolution options. Once you are done, click OK and then OK on any prompts that appear.

Click Submit to proceed to the Character Select menu. Select your existing character or default profile when creating a new account and then click Select to start the game.

Monster Hunter Frontier Setup Guide (9)

While this guide tries to provide instructions as simple as possible, it does not account for possible problems that may occurr.

Below are several issues that have been observed, alongside some cataloged potential fixes:

run_client.bat does not open, quickly flashes, or displays an error

If you see this Python Error:

frida.NotSupportedError: unable to spawn executable at 'mhf.exe': 0x000002e4

Then you haven’t ran the file run_client.bat as administrator. In order for the client to start, you must run this file as administrator EVERY TIME you want to play the game. You can do this by right-clicking and selecting Run as Administrator

Tip: If you do NOT want to go through this step every time you wish to play the game, you can right-click > Create Shortchut Next, make this shortcut always run as administrator via right-click > Properties > Advanced > Run as Administrator

Monster Hunter Frontier Setup Guide (10)

Monster Hunter Frontier Setup Guide (11)

Game does not start after running the client

If you run the client and then see a window mail-carrier Felyne and Japanese text on the right-side, then you forgot to run the server! The server is not running, which means the client is unable to authenticate and connect.

If you completed the initial setup successfully, then double-click the file run_server.bat and run_client.bat afterwards.

Monster Hunter Frontier Setup Guide (12)

This is a fan-site. All content is trademarked and owned by CAPCOM Co., Ltd

Monster Hunter Frontier Setup Guide (2024)


How do you change styles in Monster Hunter Frontier? ›

Area rather you go to your box. If you then interact with it you want to go to the final option the

What system is Monster Hunter Frontier on? ›

Monster Hunter Frontier Online
SeriesMonster Hunter
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360
ReleaseWindows JP: June 21, 2007 Xbox 360 JP: June 24, 2010
4 more rows

How many monsters are in frontier? ›

Overall Frontier has 152 monsters.

How do you translate Monster Hunter Frontier? ›

To use MHFTranslate, make sure the game is open and that you've spent enough time in a lobby for a log to be written. Then, open the program and it will start reading & translating automatically.

When did Monster Hunter Frontier end? ›

As of August 2014, the game had 4.5 million registered players. The entire Monster Hunter Frontier service was officially shut down on December 18, 2019 after going free-to-play for its final month.

Can you change body shape Monster Hunter? ›

Hairstyle, makeup, facial hair, voice, and clothing can all be changed, but not the gender of the character. Save it and exit the menu in Monster Hunter: Rise PC. In addition, if players will spend money, players' body type can be changed in Monster Hunter: Rise.

Why is Monster Hunter Frontier shutting down? ›

While the company felt that they've been able to provide a satisfactory service since its initial launch on July 5, 2007, they decided that it would be difficult to continue moving forward so it was decided to end its service. They thank all fans that supported monster Hunter Frontier Z from the bottom of their hearts.

Why is Monster Hunter Frontier different? ›

The big difference is that they're handled by different groups. The main series is handled by the main MH team with Ryozo as the producer. Frontier is handled by a different team with Ono as the producer. This has lead to a bit of deviation in design.

Is Monster Hunter Frontier G still playable? ›

As of August 2014, the game had 4.5 million registered players. The game's service was shut down in December 2019.
Monster Hunter: Frontier G
Genre(s)Action role-playing
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer
6 more rows

What is the hardest monster in Monster Hunter Frontier? ›

howling zinogre. despite its lower hp, its insanely difficult moveset riddled with mixups and moves that give you very little time to react make it the hardest, yet fairest challenge in monster hunter. Eruzerion is the strongest.

What is the strongest type of Rathalos? ›

Silver Rathalos has the strongest flames and greatest flying mobility out of all of the known species of Rathalos. Its abilities and strength are considered to be equal to an elder dragon.

What is the biggest monster in Gears of War? ›

The Leviathan is a sea monster referred to in the Bible. In Demonology, the Leviathan is one of the seven princes of Hell and its gatekeeper. Leviathans were never seen outside of the Hollow before Operation: Hollow Storm.

Does Monster Hunter have its own language? ›

Wyverian is the overall language spoken by most characters in the series. Even with variations, I will be referring to all language under the Wyverian umbrella. Wyverian has different dialects and words depending on where you're from, if you are human or Wyverian, and if you are part of the Hunter's Guild.

Is Monster Hunter Frontier in English? ›

There is no English release for Monster Hunter Frontier.

Can you play Monster Hunter Frontier in us? ›

Sadly, Monster Hunter: Frontier Online is only officially available in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea (although some tech-savvy players have found their way around the game's regional restrictions). Connecting is only half the challenge, of course.

How do I change my hunting style? ›

You can change you Hunter Style at any hub world, by heading to your house and opening the Item Box. Once you're at the Item Box, just select the Hunter Style option to change it.

How do I change my hunter arts? ›

Press the A button to interact with the item box, then choose the last option at the bottom of the menu. From here, you'll get to choose your preferred Hunter Style again, and you'll also get to equip your Hunter Arts, which can be used in battle.

How do I change my hunter appearance? ›

To change the appearance of your hunter in Monster Hunter Rise, interact with one of the many “Item Box” chests found around Kamura Village. There's an Item Box next to Hinoa the Quest Maiden next to the Steelworks and Merchant. But if you're more of a team player, you can also access one upstairs in the Gathering Hub.

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