Real Estate Transactions (2022)


Ursula Mellinger to John and Janet Dolan at 248 Adams Pointe Blvd. Unit 8 for $275,000.

Warren Sarver to Robert McKinney at 560 Beaver Street Ext. for $675,000.

Kristan Johnsen to Michael and Karen Bosley at 193 Broadstone Drive for $379,900.

David Vasil to Jamie Greene and Kristin Heller at 214 Broadstone Drive for $368,000.

Zachary Ryan Smith to Laurie Brar at 274 Broadstone Drive for $305,000.

Robert Paul Schlegel to Rita Dziegielewski at 1174 Cobblestone Lane for $350,000.

NVR to John and Susan Wolfe at 208 Cranesbill Drive for $334,095.

NVR to Yong Xuan at 210 Cranesbill Drive for $385,390.

Gabriels Crest Development to NVR at 307 Crest Lane for $160,000.

Anthony Demaio to Kenneth and Crystal Eastgate at 202 Greenview Court for $680,000.

Hickory Glen Partners to Garrett Pampiks and Amanda Sporrer at 219 Hickory Lane for $763,785.

NVR to Rangarao and Dhanalaxmi Tumati at 116 Lupine Drive for $373,320.

NVR to ChintankumarDhirajla and Dhara Chintankumar Tilwa at 118 Lupine Drive for $373,530.

Tammy Czyz to Peter and Macria Balmert trustee at 401 Pointe View Drive for $360,099.

Estate of Dorothy Buechler to Ethan Peterson and Erin Sweet at 100 Ramblewood Lane for $350,000.

Harold Bogart II to Derrick Wilson and Lisa Valente at 304 Rolling Hills Lane for $1,249,000.

Penn Acres to Paul Siladi III and Janey Siladi at 205 Summit Acres Drive for $180,000.

Laura Dianne Dobson Howard trustee to Clinton and Sarah Colpo at West Ave. for $100,000.


Steven McCandless to Abraham Rafferty at 132 School St. for $136,000.


Scott Chaffee to Matthew John Hergenroeder at 173 Harvey Road for $400,000.

NVR to Zachary and Brianne Cox at 126 Red Horse Drive for $402,490.

R&W Estates to NVR at 133 Red Horse Drive for $65,000.

Heritage Crossings Partners to Bimal and Bandana Giri at 1181 Sandy Ridge Drive for $446,700.


JC Rentals to Brian Connors at 107 College St. for $25,000.

David Herold to Josh and Sara Isacco at 238 E. North St. for $230,000.

Zillweger Properties to Pennsylvania Properties at 119-121 Heim Ave. for $57,000.

Kelly O'Donoghue to Mark Harvey at 122 Kittanning St. for $600 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $11,774) by sheriff's deed.

TC Act Properties to ShawnGray at 312 Mercer St. for $155,000.

Jonathan Hamilton to April Tebay at 347 Mercer St. for $148,000.

Eric Christy to Scott and Jamie Suhan at 439 Morton Ave. for $215,000.

MS Asset Recovery to HJG Properties at 552 N. Elm St. for $57,000.

Counts Properties to Daniel Fortune at 213 Spring St. for $110,000.

Brian Kummer to Juanita Yohe at 135 Standard Ave. for $114,000.

Travis Edward Kelly to Kathi Hladik at 211 Summit St. for $110,000.


J. Kenneth Brandon trustee to Roy and Holly Turner at 255 Acre Ave. for $299,000.

Brian Yates to Lorie Yates at 136 Merritt Drive for $150,000.

Jeffrey Rickard to Kevin and Amy Riordan at 507 S. Eberhart Road for $225,000.

Estate of Richard McClaine to Shae Steven Stobert and Julia Faye Moore at 150 Westwood Manor for $225,000.

Matthew Piroch to Robert and Leona Dittmer at Whitestown Road for $50,000.

Estate of Joyce Marnic to Patrick Joseph Hoyt at 139 Whitestown Village Apt G for $99,500.


Rose Brunner Fohl to Brian Frank at 201 E. Hilltop Drive for $260,000.

Duffy Highlands to Jerome and Christine Heinz at 311 Gleneagles Drive for $409,445.

Joseph Ferranti Jr. to Matthew and Melissa Savitz at 412 Sunset Drive for $205,000.


Thomas Schnur trustee to Navkar Enterprises at 1596 Route 422 for $140,000.


Pitell Contracting to Joseph John and Deborah Barch at 1141 Carriage Lane for $306,346.

Pitell Contracting to Eric Rudish at 1142 Carriage Lane for $333,085.

Frances Fennell to Timothy and Megan Olczak at 324 Saxonburg Road for $485,000.

Danamarie McGarry Strellec to Albert and Sherri Neff at Stark Road for $36,000.


Trophy Butler 15.6 to Trophy Enterprises at Birckbichler Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $82,923).


David Scott to Heather Bojarski at 117 Shelton Place Drive for $335,700.


David Finnigan to American Properties USA at Leopard Road for $80,000.


21 Stockton Ridge to Anthony Custom Homes at 211-213 Bentbrook Circle for $78,000.

Miriam Ondrusek to Brian Lee and Kathleen Gerloff at 102 Blue Ridge Drive for $470,000.

NVR to Praveen Kumar and Aparna Reddyreddy at 321 Caledonia Place for $379,685.

NVR to Ravi Kumar and Sirisha Padala at 323 Caledonia Place for $379,731.

Christopher Vlasick to Taylor and Ashley Ford at 272 Clearbrook Court for $265,000.

Krista Wood to Jacquelynn Carey Hicks at 201 Eagle Drive for $375,000.

Anthony Egan to Angus and Alexia VonHeintz at 1605 Garvin Road for $369,900.

Michael John Koenig to GEN Properties at 114 Gress Road for $409,000.

Rochester Road Investment Co. to Ryan Helwig at 220 Main St. for $529,990.

Michael Saltman to Aaron Martz at 126 Oakview Drive for $490,000.

Rochester Road Investment Co. to Christopher Richard Yope at 433 Roebling Court for $438,990.

Estate of Jodi Lynn Lucas to Aux Funding at 213 Sherwood Drive for $190,000.

Pikewood Land Partners to Edward and Kerri Lettieri at 303 Spruce Lane for $150,000.

Jesse Foster to Weichert Workforce Mobility at 126 Starview Lane for $685,000.

Weichert Workforce Mobility to Thiago Vilas Boas DeSouza and Daniele DeCampos Casimiro Vilas Boas at 126 Starview Lane for $685,000.

Rochester Road Investment Co. to Derek and Julie Smaltz at 717 Withers Park Drive for $674,735.


John Turbridy trustee to Nathaniel Taylor and Sydney Wadding at 533 E. Main St. for $154,500.

Herbert Edwards to Mark Franitti and Hannah O'Donoghue at 223 Wahl Ave. for $268,500.


Gregory Mueller to Shane King and Alexis Bowser at 103 N. Fairview Main St. for $162,000.


Charles Buck to Christopher and Betsi Mooney at 2226 Chicora Road for $382,000.

David Serafine to Austin Fleeger at 225 Fairmont Road for $28,000.

Debra Rottman to Seth and Sarah Kube at 100 Hemlock Road for $215,000.


Estate of Beth Crawford to Melissa Ann Bizub at 108 Marie Lane for $229,250.

Forward Assoc. to Maronda Homes at 400 Pumpkin Patch Lane for $80,000.


Robert Micucci to Robin Arnold at 114 Burnside Drive for $499,900.

Brad Ketterer to Janice Stumpf at 329 Camden Drive for $465,000.

Hurstrock Holdings to Harmony Place Homeowners Association at 129 Harmony Place for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $19,370).

NVR to Russell Robert and Paige Ann King at 421 Sarjean Way for $488,960.

NVR to David Thomas and Michelle Lee Tuite at 427 Sarjean Way for $484,360.

NVR to Ashit and Rima Patel at 307 Shanleigh Drive for $520,070.

NVR to Joseph Stephen and Danielle Nicole Gilliam at 143 Woodsman Ridge Drive for $495,710.

Newman Holdings to NVR at 165 Woodsman Ridge Drive for $96,120.

Donald Edwards to Matthew and Katherine Montagazzi at 162 Zehner School Road for $915,000.


Joshua Scully to John McFarland III and Amanda McFarland at 108 Kiley Lane for $278,000.


Arden Development Partners to NVR at 248 Arden Drive for $86,936.

Arden Development Partners to NVR at 301 Arden Drive for $174,000.

NVR to Michael Kaye at 352 Arden Drive for $409,000.

Arden Development Partners to NVR at 344 Arden Drive 8065 for $174,000.

Kenneth Eastgate to William and Teresa Cornelius at 104 Eastgate Lane for $1,445,000.

Andrew Metarko to Sandstone Self Storage at Perry Highway for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $11,774).

Thomas Metarko to Sandstone Self Storage at 506-508 Perry Highway for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $446,645).

Brennan Plantations I to Philip and Sherri Ann Thompson at 318 Vidalia Drive for $107,500.


St. Alphonsus Parish Charitable Tr. to Marion Township Volunteer Fire Co. at 141 Middendorf St. for $41,000.


Marty Morrison to Kenneth and Kristen Jones at 126 Shields Road for $190,000.


Adam Zaccari to Matthew David and Megan Elizabeth Lowther at 1043 Blackhawk Drive for $575,000.

Mill Creek Partners 2 to Allen and Linda Adams at 1113 Tilly Drive for $454,365.


Estate of Anna Veres to Cody Johnathon and Jenna Marie Grupp at 180 Guillard Road for $220,000.


Brenda Ferguson to Brian and Alexis Wheeler at 465 Chicora Road for $70,000.


Mandell Trails to UMH PA Mandell Trails at Pittsburgh Road for $7,375,000.

Tad Sellers to Derek Burk at 723 Rockdale Road for $130,000.

John Post III to Robert and Maria Dumbaugh at 118 Thorncrest Drive for $190,000.

Tyler Greene to Jayelle and Heather Kubinsky at 420 Three Degree Road for $270,000.


John Hutterer to Matthew and Michelle Michaelis at 210 Thelma Drive for $339,500.

Association of Retarded Citizens Butler PA to John Delnert at 235 W. Water St. for $132,000.


Gary Vanasdale to Louise Cormier at 801 Wilshire Circle for $390,000.


Estate of Howard Meyer to Lucian Conway III and Kathrene Conway at 210 White Oak Drive for $619,000.


Estate of James Leone to Dillon Montgomery at 861 Franklin Road for $160,000.

James McConnell to Gordon and Charlotte Martin at 239 Stoughton Road for $400,000.


Donald Clark to Christopher Allocco and Shauna Baptiste at 247 Chicora Road for $104,900.

Robert Jurysta to Clayton Carr at 348 Geibel Road for $65,000.

Lisa Brusamonti to William Povlick at 2154 Highland Drive for $167,000.

Estate of Sherry Green to Craig and Warren Green at 126 Kaiser Road for $74,500.

Ronald Pflugh to Kaiden and Chelsey Powers at 102 Kemar Drive for $257,000.

Mary Lou Barnes to William Lee at 377 Mitchell Hill Road for $49,500.


Phillip Chiappini to Matthew Duncan and Darcie Holmes at 140 Blair Road for $200,000.


Renick Brothers Construction Co. to Ryan and Corey Rasp at 829 N. Washington Road for $65,000.


Bradley Cogswell to Debra Kohler at 154 Main St. for $75,000.


Mildred Irene Ambrose trustee to Stephen and Ellen Timko at 978 Bear Creek Road for $125,000.


Estate of John Madaus to Waldosia Holdings at 318 E. New Castle St. for $214,240.

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